Redesigning Waste Management System in Bandar Lampung, Indonesia

(December 2017 - January 2017)

Sustainability / Systems Design / Ethnography


Research Assistant
(Team of 7)


With a population of nearly 1 million, Bandar Lampung generates 800 tons of solid waste daily this year. The city employs open dumping systems so waste management here is heavily dependent on the landfill’s capacity. However, according to Bakung Landfill staff, they can only collect 68% of the city’s waste. Without interventions or changes in the current waste management system, this landfill will only continue to grow, posing environmental and health risks in the surrounding area and beyond.

The objectives for this project:

1️⃣ Increasing the capacity of waste banks in Bandar Lampung;

2️⃣ Educating and increasing public awareness around the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle);

3️⃣ Improving the sustainability models of waste banks in Bandar Lampung.


︎ Established connections between key stakeholders in the system: local government, waste banks, universities, and schools to collaborate, make use of available facilities, and establish efficient trash route.

︎ Redesigned the trash bins in schools and university with mostly graphics to better inform and educate the public, as well as reducing friction during the disposing journey. The design itself is to encourage the public to get used to sorting their trash and reducing the amount of trash that goes to the landfill in the long-run.

︎ Co-designed a jingle for students at Al-Kautsar elementary school to remind them to sort their trash, as well as integrating a bi-weekly fun competition in the curriculum dedicated to sustainability.

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