Learning from Biomimicry

(November - December 2018)

Product Design / 3D Design / Mobile App 


UX Designer, Project Manager
(Group Project, team of 4)



Biomimicry is an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to human challenges by emulating nature's time-tested patterns and strategies. The goal of this project was not to recreate what is happening in our natural system, but rather, to be inspired by biomimicry–to learn from occurences in nature.

Pet Plant was submitted for the final project in an Ideation & Prototyping course at NYU (Fall 2018). 


PetPlant is a houseplant accessory that helps to communicate plant needs to the owners. Using light, moisture, and distance sensor to analyze plant needs and reflect that information on the LCD screen. 

PetPlant is also accompanied by a mobile app to customize each device to accommodate different plant needs. 



🎮️ How It Works

1️⃣ Obtain the PetPlant kit (Plant not included, sorry!).

2️⃣ Open the kit and stick the sensor inside the soil. Make sure to leave some room on top to ensure that the LCD screen stays water-free.

3️⃣ Download the PetPlant app. Open the app, setup instructions will follow. Overview of your plant health will be displayed on the app.

4️⃣ LCD screen will react every time you approach your plant.

Have a nice day!