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My name is Alberta, Berta for short (🐻-ta).

I'm an Experience Designer & Researcher based in New York, NY. 

As a believer in the human-centered design methodology, I enjoy solving complex problems by understanding and advocating for the users. I am intrigued by ideas and innovations that not only enhances the user's lives, but also take into account the economical, societal, and environmental impacts ( these values led me to my Master’s Thesis: BUMI ). It's especially critical for designers and creatives alike to be aware of the potential ramifications of the innovations we put out there.

Before graduate school, I was working in the Experience Design department at Mirum where I was exposed to a variety of projects, from financial services, waste management, to travel innovation

I love what I do but I wanted to be better–which is why I decided to pursue a graduate degree in Integrated Digital Media at New York University. In essence, I was learning and experimenting with how emerging media and technology can be integrated to enhance a holistic user experience, as well as understanding the implications of the innovation we put out there.

I’m currently open for full-time and freelance/contract opportunities in UX Research & Design.


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